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To me..To you

What an amazing week and what a lovely welcome back..from us to you and from you to us #chucklebrothers .It has been fabulous to see everyone out and about and safely socialising with us again. Your lovely comments about how much you've missed our food and coffee (and our winning personalities of course!) have warmed our cockles!

What will this week bring? Well last week our new "Yorkshire Terrier" breakfast was a big hit as were our ever popular breakfast baps (- both made with the best bread, eggs, bacon and sausages around in our opinion-and all local of course!). This week in addition to our regular menu ......

....there's scrummy mature cheddar and sun-dried tomato quiche on offer. We also have a carrot and fresh ginger soup that is both luscious and refreshing. Bonus! We've been creatively baking and have a new cake on offer..a dark cherry and almond cake that hits the spot (and is gluten free as well..not that you'd notice). We look forward to seeing you up North.


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