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What does it all mean?

We all see these great big lists of different coffee options these days and it can all be a bit much to take in🤔 There have been many occasions when a customer has looked at the options, looked at me and said with exasperation "I just want a normal coffee!"

So this post is dedicated to removing that exasperation. Obviously we don't do "normal" coffee as ours is "exceptional". However we do offer a choice that will satisfy your coffee itch and not be overly bamboozling 🤣🤣

Left to right..top to bottom..

The Flat White : something for the person who likes a strong white coffee. It has 2 shots of espresso in a regular sized cup, topped up with smooth steamed milk

The Espresso : for the purist! A single or double shot of espresso and nothing else. Served with a glass of water

The Latte : for those that like a milky coffee. A shot of espresso topped with steamed, creamy textured milk and often finished with a pretty design. Can be regular (one espresso shot) or large (with two shots of espresso and a larger cup)

The Americano : Hot water and espresso. Served as regular (one espresso shot) or large (with two shots of espresso) and with hot milk, cold milk or no milk

The Capucinno : the frothy one. Served as regular (one espresso shot) or large (with two shots of espresso) The espresso is topped with steamed milk and a layer of frothy milk. It's finished with a dusting of cocoa powder.

These are the main players in our cafe. If you want it "skinny" then it will be made with skimmed milk. We also offer decaffeinated varieties and have oat milk if you need or prefer dairy free 😁 The only character not pictured above is The Mocha..a delicious hybrid that is two shots of espresso in a large cup topped off with hot chocolate

Our coffees explained ☕


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